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CHONG。 Ho Siu Chong

Born in Guangdong Nanhai, 1977. In the age of eight, he moved to Hong Kong.

Since then, he deeply intoxicated in craftmanship. During his studies and apprenticeships, he came into prominence as an artisan and artist.

In 1999, he joined Cheng & Cheung, one of the acknowledged top jewelers, to

start his jewelry career in Hong Kong.

Truth – Edify by people and things in the life, together with the naturalism influence, his main creative idea is fiery inspired.

Goodness – From using of material, arranging structure and layer, making skill and techniques, he refined himself day by day.

Beauty – For every shape and texture, contour and color, brightness or emptiness, even conflict or fusion, they all present wonderfully in his pieces.

In 2020, Chong launched his named series.

[lives。Fuse], [Family。Love],


Besides the sumptuous jewelry pieces, Chong would also like you to collect their stories, souls and philosophies.

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